How does biofuel work

How Does Biofuel Work?

How does biofuel work? Biofuels are as old as car engines, and yet, they are considered to be an alternative energy source...

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Why is oil a nonrenewable resource

Why Is Oil a Non-renewable Resource?

The story of oil is certainly a very interesting one. A relatively easy to access and refined in an efficient way to maximise its use but at the same time it is highly polluting...

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Is nuclear power renewable or nonrenewable

Is Nuclear Power Renewable or Non-renewable?

Is nuclear power renewable or non-renewable? Nuclear power is considered one of the few energy sources at our disposal that combines three very attractive features...

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Simple Things You Can Do to Stall Global Warming

Simple Things You Can Do to Stall Global Warming

All countries across the globe are facing the repercussions of global warming. Here are a few simple things we can do to stall global warming...

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Urban Rewilding Concept- Successful Examples

Rewilding efforts are happening in a wide variety of scales, from the flowering gardens of...Let's have a look at great examples of urban rewilding projects worldwide.

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the concept of urban rewilding

Urban rewilding is a way to bring nature back to people's daily lives, as it is an inseparable part of our origins. However, this idea carries more benefits than just...

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Interesting facts about renewable and non-renewable resources

Interesting Facts About Renewable and Non-Renewable Resources

The reality about the use of resources is not just black or white. Let’s take a closer look at some of the interesting facts about renewable and non-renewable resources.

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Harmful effects of non-renewable resources on the environment

Harmful Effects of Non-Renewable Resources on the Environment

Broadly speaking, there are five ways in which non-renewable resources impact our environment. And this article aims to explore their harmful effects.

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10 facts about non-renewable energy

10 Facts About Non-Renewable Energy

Here are 10 interesting facts about non-renewable energy that just may come in handy next time you are discussing about our energy future.

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Why do we use non-renewable energy

Why Do We Use Non-Renewable Energy?

As frustrating as it may seem to us, non-renewable sources of energy are still being used for a number of reasons. First and foremost, it is an issue of cost...

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