Have a Green Valentine's Day

Have a Green Valentine’s Day

Is it possible to have a green Valentine’s Day which celebrates love between humans but also our love towards our planet? We have collected a series of ideas to help you with that!

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Solar energy information and facts

Solar Energy Information and Facts

Solar energy produces electricity in both sustainable and renewable way. But what else should we know? This article provides interesting facts and information...

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A forest without trees

A Forest Without Trees

How would a forest without trees look like? It is time to acknowledge that we are responsible for continued destruction of forests more than any other species on the planet...

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Actions to Stop Wildfires Becoming More Devastating

Actions to Stop Wildfires Becoming More Devastating

New methods are essential to prevent wildfires from reaping their destruction across global forest habitats. Some actions to stop them from becoming...

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The Importance of Indigenous Knowledge about Nature

The Importance of Indigenous Knowledge for the Modern World

If everything we need is readily available, why is it important to know the nature around us? Not that long ago, indigenous knowledge was a part of everyday decision-making...

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ways to conserve fossil fuels

5 Ways to Conserve Fossil Fuels

There are many large and smaller scale ways to conserve fossil fuels, the top five that you can introduce to your lifestyle are listed below.

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4 main sources of non-renewable energy

4 Main Sources of Non-Renewable Energy

The main sources of non-renewable energy should be familiar to everyone on our planet. But what exactly do we know about them? Learn the most interesting facts in this article.

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The main threats to wildlife migrations

The Main Threats to Wildlife Migrations

Animal migrations are a fascinating phenomenon showcasing how our planet’s ecosystems are connected, but these epic journeys are being increasingly compromised.

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What is a trophic cascade

What Is a Trophic Cascade?

Originally thought to be rare, trophic cascades are now understood to occur across diverse terrestrial, freshwater and marine ecosystems as well as in both...

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What causes mass extinctions

What Causes Mass Extinctions?

Mass extinctions are often triggered by massive events such as an asteroid hitting the earth, however, the real causes are sometimes much more complicated than that.

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