The problem of illegal logging in Philippines

The Problem of Illegal Logging in Philippines

Illegal logging in Philippines represents a major problem...the lack of infrastructure, law enforcement, and motivation to prevent the deforestation is...

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Environmental benefits of public transportation

Environmental Benefits of Public Transportation

A huge proportion of the world's carbon emissions can be attributed to various forms of transport. So, what are the environmental benefits of public transportation?

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Ways to Keep Your House Warm in Winter

12 Ways to Keep Your House Warm in Winter

Heating can be a big energy consumer, and can also be expensive if you own a large house. Here are 12 easy ways to keep your house warmer this winter.

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factors that help to increase biodiversity

5 Factors That Help to Increase Biodiversity

Biodiversity, even though it refers to the variety of plant and animal life in the world or in a particular habitat, is actually most relevant to humans. Each day we reap its many benefits.

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What is metal recycling and how to recycle metal

What Is Metal Recycling and How to Recycle Metal?

What is metal recycling and how to recycle metal? Metals are among the best performing materials when it comes to recycling. In fact, steel is the most recycled material on the planet.

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Pros and cons of GMO's

Pros and Cons of Gmo’s

The controversy over GMOs, particularly in food continues: scientists are split, governments are pursuing..., farmers do not...And we are giving you the list of pros and cons.

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Advantages of geothermal heating pump system

Advantages of Geothermal Heating Pump System

A geothermal heating pump system can be a great solution for keeping your house warm during the winter months but also cooling it down during the summer. It has a low...

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How Soilless Agriculture Differs from Soil-based Agriculture

How Soilless Agriculture Differs from Soil-based Agriculture

The obvious difference with soilless agriculture is the absence of soil. But do the differences end there? How can soilless agriculture really work and how does it compare to soil-based agriculture?

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Why this planet needs a woman's touch

Why This Planet Needs a Woman’s Touch

So if there is a bond between women and our planet, does this mean our planet needs a woman’s touch? Thousands of years ago our predecessors worshiped the Earth as a living female being...

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What is the precautionary principle?

What Is the Precautionary Principle?

What is the Precautionary principle? Popular wisdom says “better safe than sorry”. And this really is what the precautionary principle is about...

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