Green and cheap ways to heat your home

Green and Cheap Ways to Heat Your Home

Think about some of the following ways of heating your home to save your wallet and reduce the environmental impact of your actions.

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Personal actions that help to prevent eutrophication

Personal Actions That Help to Prevent Eutrophication

There are a number of actions that you can do to prevent eutrophication if you care about the environment. These include: creation of riparian buffer, garden...

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Lawn, a green killer of biodiversity

Monoculture lawns are easily comparable to wastelands when it comes to biodiversity richness. It is the most life deprived part of a garden.

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Hazardous materials present in every household

Hazardous Materials Present in Every Household

The following are the most common and probably the most hazardous materials present in every household.

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Cities as a key to tackling climate change

Cities as a Key to Tackling Climate Change

Would you have ever thought that cities can be the key to tackling climate change? It is a little known fact but...because of this high environmental footprint...

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The most eco-friendly and healthy vegetable oils

The Most Eco-Friendly and Healthy Vegetable Oils

What are the vegetable oils that are beneficial for our health but also eco-friendly in terms of their sourcing and production?

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Advantages and disadvantages of intensive poultry farming

Advantages and Disadvantages of Intensive Poultry Farming

Despite the advantages in terms of profitability, the batter cage system and similar intensive poultry farming techniques come with serious disadvantages...

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Environmentally friendly pest control tips

Environmentally Friendly Pest Control Tips

Environmentally friendly pest control tips are based on using natural predators or other preventative techniques an alternative to the use of chemicals.

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tips on how to eat more ethically

15 Tips on How to Eat More Ethically

Eating ethically - or being aware of the way that what we eat affects the world around us - is important in today’s world of destruction and changing climate.

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why are perfumes harmful to environment

Why Are Perfumes Harmful for the Environment?

Why are perfumes harmful for the environment? Most of today’s fragrances are synthetic chemicals that make our senses think we are smelling a particular scent.

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