Find your happiness in nature

While some ways of easing dissatisfaction are better than others, here are some scientifically proven ways nature can improve your mood.

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The role of elephants in maintaining a healthy ecosystem

The Role of Elephants in Maintaining a Healthy Ecosystem

Africa’s savannah landscapes and biodiversity would be very different without elephants. The same is true for Asian elephants. Due to their unique role in shaping their ecosystem...

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how landfills contribute to global warming

How Do Landfills Contribute to Global Warming?

How do landfills contribute to global warming?...Due to the lack of oxygen, bacteria found in organic waste produce methane gas, a potent greenhouse gas...

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Elephant poaching hotspots in the world

Elephant Poaching Hotspots in the World

Recent research reveals that most illegally poached African elephant ivory can be traced back to just two areas. The most shocking discovery was that most large ivory...

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how to be green mommy

How to Be a Green Mommy and Daddy

Green families are not born, they are created. By opting for the recommendations on how to be a green parent, you are not only saving money and the environment but...

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Should we treat illegal wildlife trade as a serious crime

Should We Treat Illegal Wildlife Trade as a Serious Crime?

Illegal wildlife trade is a serious crime. Authorities have been trying to tackle this problem since the 1960’s but today we are witnessing an unprecedented rise...

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Solar farms help increase biodiversity

Solar Farms Help Increase Biodiversity

The deployment of renewable energy is often met with scepticism in communities...However, evidence suggests that solar farms can significantly improve biodiversity.

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Tips to Make Your House Zero Waste

10 Easy Tips to Make Your House Zero Waste

Being Zero Waste is more than just consuming in the same way as before, and then recycling or composting...Here are 10 easy tips to help you to go Zero Waste.

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Fascinating Facts About Elephants

Fascinating Facts About Elephants

Elephants are one of the most fascinating and easily recognizable species on the planet. In this article are represented the most fascinating facts about these grey giants!

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What is the purpose of wildlife corridors

What Is the Purpose of Wildlife Corridors?

A wildlife corridor is a link of wildlife habitat, made up from native vegetation, which joins two or more larger areas of similar wildlife habitat. They play an important role in...

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