10 examples of renewable and non-renewable resources

10 Examples of Renewable and Non-Renewable Resources

The rate at which we are depleting natural resources has led to a lot of debate about their use...Let’s explore some examples of renewable and non-renewable resources.

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Why are rhinos endangered

Why Are Rhinos Endangered?

Why are rhinos endangered? A rhino horn can be sold for extremely high amounts of money, which makes it even more valuable to black market traders than gold.

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Why are sea turtles important to the ecosystem

Why Are Sea Turtles Important to the Ecosystem?

As sea turtle populations decline, so does their ability to fulfill vital functions in the ocean ecosystems. Here are the most important examples of their work.

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great examples of industry partnerships with NGOs

Here are some great examples of cooperation between businesses and non-governmental organisations to help the environment that might inspire you into action.

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A Camping Guide for Beginners

A Camping Guide for Beginners

If it’s your first time, camping can be a bit tricky, but once you get the hang of it you can have a good time. Check out these environmentally sound camping tips.

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Strip mining: a destructive way of coal extraction

Strip Mining: A Destructive Way of Coal Extraction

The process of strip mining involves striping away trees, plants and topsoil so that the coal can be accessed underneath. This means that surface mining destroys...

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The environmental impacts of mining fossil fuels

The Environmental Impacts of Mining Fossil Fuels

Coal extraction, cheap as the process itself may be, is actually very costly to our environment and health. The two are as always linked. So what is the solution?

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Why is natural gas a non-renewable resource

Why Is Natural Gas a Non-Renewable Resource?

While natural gas seems to offer a lot of advantages compared to other fossil fuels, the underlying concerns that hold true for fossil fuels come into play when considering its use.

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Advantages and disadvantages of agroforestry

Advantages and Disadvantages of Agroforestry

The practice of agroforestry goes back to ancient times. Since then, most countries have recognized numerous advantages of this method...While the main disadvantage is...

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Gardening For Physical and Mental Health

Gardening for Physical and Mental Health

Gardening is a great way of making your home look great and bringing the outdoors closer to you whilst taking care of your physical and mental health.

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