Why are wolves good for the ecosystem

Why Are Wolves Good for the Ecosystem?

Few of us would think that the presence of wolves could trigger set of positive reactions. But with wild wolves roaming the grounds, ecosystems have become...

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25 tips to travel sustainably

25 Tips to Travel Sustainably

Even when on vacation, it is important to protect the environment and make environmentally conscious choices. Here are 25 tips for to travel sustainably.

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Negative effects of overgrazing for native species

Negative Effects of Overgrazing for Native Species

There are many negative effects to overgrazing for native species including soil erosion, land degradation and loss of valuable species. Keep reading to learn more.

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Is GMO agriculture killing bees

Is Gmo Agriculture Killing Bees?

There is much debate surrounding the exact cause of the bee decline throughout the world with many convinced that GMO agriculture is to blame. But is this statement correct?

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Endangered species that have recovered

Endangered Species That Have Recovered

Once a species is identified as endangered, there is a lot of work that we must do to protect the species. Examples of species that have recovered are...

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Human causes of earthquakes

Human Causes of Earthquakes

Surprisingly, it has been seen that seismic activity increased due to...Here are the most common human causes of earthquakes.

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What does loss of bees mean for us

What Does Loss of Bees Mean for Us?

What does the loss of bees actually mean for us? Bees provide us with a free, indispensable service that would be difficult to recover if it was lost. They help...

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Effect of pollution on plants

Effect of Pollution on Plants

Pollution does not only affect animals and humans, it has many negative effects on plants as well. Some of them include leaf damage, slower growth, root damage, and inability to photosynthesize...

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The devastating consequences of wildlife poaching

The Devastating Consequences of Wildlife Poaching

The consequences of poaching to wildlife are not only devastating; they are also pervasive. It is the second-biggest direct threat to species survival after habitat destruction.

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How climate change affects animals

How Climate Change Affects Animals

The impacts of climate change on species are clearly illustrated by looking at the cases of the following species, prioritised on the basis of how they are affected...

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