endangered cactus species

1/3 of All Cactus Species in the World Are Endangered

Cacti can survive in the most extreme weather conditions, but despite their tough exterior 31% of all cacti are at the brink of extinction.

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Things you should never compost

12 Things You Should Never Compost

Read what things from your kitchen you should never compost to make sure that the materials have fully decayed and are ready to be used in the soil.

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Clean drinking water is taken for granted, but the truth is that it can vanish unexpectedly. Here are the most important steps to be prepared for water shortage.

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The coolest renewable energy projects

The Coolest Renewable Energy Projects

Technology sometime pushes beyond the realms of our imagination and renewable energy is no exception. Let’s give the shout-out to the coolest renewable energy projects...

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Most Polluted Lakes in the World

5 Most Polluted Lakes in the World

Pollution is one of the biggest threats to the environment in the world. It can come in a number of forms...Here are five of the world’s most polluted lakes...

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help to protect the world's oceans

How You Can Help to Protect the World’s Oceans?

The ocean performs a number of essential functions for the planet and everybody has a responsibility to help to protect ocean's sensitive and dying ecosystems.

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10 Endangered Plants and Animals in the US

Because all life on Earth has value, the following 10 endangered species in the US are just a few that need protection in order to remain alive and flourishing.

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What is virtual water trade?

What Is Virtual Water Trade?

What is virtual water trade? It is the amount of water which is embedded in the product and is traded between countries when they trade commodities.

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Moringa tree to make water

Green Ways to Clean Water for Drinking

Technologies that can clean water so that it is potable are costly and can create environmental damage, but there are a number of green ways that should be explored as well.

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How Rainforest Destruction Hides in Our Clothes

How Rainforest Destruction Hides in Our Clothes?

30% of the rayon and viscose, extremely popular fabrics and used by major clothing brands, from clothing comes from endangered and ancient forests. The production process...

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