Climate change in East Africa

Climate Change in East Africa

What is happening now in counties of East Africa should be a clear alarm bell for everyone to fight climate change. Of particular concern are increases of animal diseases and pests due to...

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The ways in which farming can win over climate change

The following examples represent strategies farmers can adopt to protect their livelihoods and secure global food supply under changing environmental conditions.

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Grave effects of climate change on the environment

Grave Effects of Climate Change on the Environment

Regrettably, climate change is not something we can afford to ignore any longer. Let’s go over some of the grave effects of climate change to the environment together.

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discoveries in the ocean

5 New Discoveries in the Ocean

Let’s celebrate the wealth of our oceans by looking at five new discoveries made in our oceans not least thanks to modern technology!

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What are indicators of ocean health

What Are Indicators of Ocean Health?

What are indicators of ocean health? It is clear that if our oceans are healthy, marine life will be healthy...But if we continue at this pace, by the end of the 21st...

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ways to boosting ocean health

5 Ways to Boosting Ocean Health

Do you know that our seas and oceans are suffering from serious ill health? Luckily, we know 5 ways to boosting ocean health. Continue reading to learn what can be done...

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Livestock diversity will feed a changing world

The genetic diversity of livestock is under threat. The problem becomes even more urgent with the trend of globalization. This is because traditional breeds are replaced...

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illegal deforestation in Romania

Saving Romania’s Forests

Romania is losing 3 hectares of forest per hour putting at risk the natural habitats of many species, and impacting clean air. Help us save Romania's forests!

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ways horses help the environment

Horses help the environment in many ways. Governments, farms and horse owners continue to develop new ways to reduce pollution from farms and livestock, while...

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Global warming facts and myths

Global Warming Facts and Myths

There is a trend for science to be discredited in favor of more populist views. So maybe we need get to the basics and look at some global warming facts and myths.

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