Causes of carbon emissions

What Causes Carbon Emissions

In order to understand what causes carbon emissions, we must look first at both the natural and human sources.

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How is plastic recycled

How Is Plastic Recycled: Step by Step

This step-by-step guide should give you a good understanding of how plastic is recycled and where it ends up.

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What Are PCBs Used For

What Are PCBs Used For?

PCBs served as ideal chemicals for many different industrial and commercial uses. Find out more about what are PCBs used for.

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Endangered snow leopard

Why Is the Snow Leopard Endangered?

The following are a number of reasons why the snow leopard have become endangered. Climate change and poaching ...

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Water pollution in Philippines

Water Pollution in the Philippines: Causes and Solutions

Causes of water pollution in the Philippines: non-point sources, untreated raw sewage, industrial wastewater, agricultural wastewater...

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Wind Power

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wind Power

Do the benefits outweigh the costs of its use? The following are the advantages and disadvantages of using wind power as an energy source.

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Waste to energy

Waste-to-Energy – How to Produce Energy from Garbage

Waste-to-energy is the process of generating energy in the form of electricity and/or heat from the primary treatment of waste.

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Hydroelectricity advantages and disadvantages

Hydroelectricity: What are the Advantages and Disadvantages?

The following are the advantages and disadvantages of hydroelectricity that should be considered prior to the development of a new hydroelectric project.

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Green roofs benefits

The Top 10 Benefits of Green Roofs

The following list shows some of the top benefits that green roofs can provide to cities and other places.

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Using leftovers to save the planet

Americans dispose off 40% of the food that is produced in the U.S. – while nearly 1 in 7…

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