What is thermal pollution

What Is Thermal Pollution?

What is thermal pollution? The primary source of thermal pollution is the discharge of heated...And even during warm weather, urban runoff can have significant thermal impacts on...

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american environmental politics

The stance of the current administration on climate change is unsettling. It doesn’t matter if we fund research or not, the environment will keep changing and...

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Deadly ghost fishing

Deadly Ghost Fishing

The fishermen who once controlled a fishing gear have long since gone home and yet their gear continues to kill marine life. Life destroyed by ghost fishing is...

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salmon role in the food web

Feed the Tree: Salmon’s Journey Through the Food Web

Because the salmon dines for years in the ocean, this fish plays a key role in bringing nutrients from the ocean into rivers and forests. How do they do this?

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Environmental rights are human rights

Environmental Rights Are Human Rights

Environmental rights, in other words the right to a clean environment, are human rights. It is important that this link is recognised and the good news is that...

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Principles of sustainable waste management

Principles of Sustainable Waste Management

How much time do you spend thinking about waste? There is one golden rule among principles of sustainable waste management that you need to remember, it is...

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10 surprising facts about wind energy

10 Surprising Facts About Wind Energy

Even today, wind energy can still surprise us. In this article are surprising facts about wind energy that will forever change the way you look at a wind turbine.

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geothermal power

Harnessing Power from Below

Many countries are harnessing the geothermal reservoirs to power their cities. Learn more about how geothermal energy works with this animated guide.

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List of diseases caused by air pollution

Diseases Caused by Air Pollution

Majority of the world’s population lives in places where air pollution exceeds safe limits. Some of the diseases caused by air pollution are listed in this article.

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Electromagnetic pollution around us

Electromagnetic Pollution Around Us?

The term, electromagnetic pollution, has increasingly entered our dictionary over the last few decades and is likely to continue to be an issue of some concern...

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