November 2, 2016 Infographics Written by Guest Contributor
Celebrities for climate change
Celebrities have taken it to the helm to not

only voice out that climate change is a concern, but also to show by example that everyone has a part to play in saving our planet. Higher temperatures as well as changing rain and snow patterns are glaring signs that climate change is upon us.

Not only have these things already started to happen, but scientists also agree that it is primarily caused by human activity. Yet, with all the given evidence, a minority of people still hold on to the belief that the earth is simply far too complex for humans to have a direct impact on global warming.

They question whether climate change is manmade, and moreover, whether it is something that we can curb? The reality is that as the world becomes more industrialised, we’re using up more of nature’s resources.

Scientists attribute climate change primarily to the surplus release of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the air mainly by burning fossil fuels. This has made the Earth warmer than it would be otherwise. Additionally, the accumulation of daily activities such as our energy usage, commuting, and lifestyles contribute to the carbon footprint.

Celebrities are lending their voice to advocate for environmental conservation. By putting climate change in the spotlight, they remind us that the responsibility lies in all of us, to make a difference.

This infographic made by GreenMatch looks at 10 stars that are doing their part to make the world a greener place.

Celebrities infographic


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The text is written by Sue-Angel Nkuna.