10 Reasons Why Should We Ban Plastic Bags

Reasons for banning plastic bags
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  3. Plastic bags seemed to be one of the most hated things on the planet. But did you know that when it comes to climate change paper and cotton bags are actually much worse for the planet than plastic bags? Back then people use paper bags a lot and for those they needed to cut down a lot of trees. The original idea of inventing plastics was that people could use that over and over again, preventing cutting trees. The problem comes with humans ourselves. We are just so lazy, that we throw them away after we were done with them. The plastic bags weren’t single used but it became single used by us, which is the reason we had this plastic pollution problem today.

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  8. “Look around and you will notice that plastic bags are the most common litter.” I don’t believe this is correct. For example, the great pacific garbage patch is composed of 46% fishing nets making it the most common trash there, and the level of plastic bags is far less. While plastic most definitely is a problem, it is odd that it is becoming a trend to focus on perfectly recyclable items like these plastic bags. Perhaps we need to change the minds of people who litter, not put into place a ban. Independent studies even show plastic bags have less of an environmental impact than paper or cotton reusable ones! We’re thinking about this all the wrong way!

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  10. Plastic debris is really bad for the environment over 1 million marine animals die each because of pollution

  11. Yeah and England and Canada and who knows what other countries that export plastic waste to my country Indonesia exploiting our weak government..England exports tens and thousands of kg of plastic waste to my country…let stop thay first rather than telling us to do this and that..hyporcrites…

    1. Hi Abby,

      That’s great! If you would like more information about plastic pollution, check our other articles that are covering the topic. You can easily find all of them by typing a keyword ‘plastic’ into the search box at the footer of our website.

      You could also check sources we used for writing the article. They contain good and thorough information :).

      Let me know if you have some question.


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