March 13, 2017 Green Living Written by Guest Contributor
A Camping Guide for Beginners
Everyone enjoys being out in the peace and

beauty of nature, and camping is one of the most immersive ways to experience nature up close. Alongside enjoying the pristine wonders that only nature can offer, camping can bring important insights into how fragile the environment is becoming in the modern era and what we can do to help preserve it.

If it’s your first time, camping can be a bit tricky to get right, but once you get the hang of it you can enjoy a seamless and environmentally-aware camping experience to remember for years to come.

For both inexperienced campers and seasoned veterans looking to pick up a few expert tips, this handy camping guide by Personal Creations walks you through the entire process with animated graphics and expert knowledge to guide you from start to finish. Check out some more environmentally sound camping tips below:
Environmentally friendly camping

Be conscious of your trash

As vast and boundless as nature can feel, it’s still vitally important to do everything you can to preserve it. Even the smallest bit of litter or mess can soon accumulate and have dire consequences for the environment. Foreign food items and pieces of debris consumed by wildlife can cause sickness at best and death at worst. This scourge can travel up the food chain, as animals eat other sick animals-causing even more widespread damage.

Be responsible with fire

Campfires are an important part of camping, yet a lot of care needs to be taken to construct a campfire that is both safe and environmentally-friendly. Personal Creations’ guide contains important techniques to help you minimize your impact on the environment, such as starting fires on existing fire rings to avoid damaging other areas unnecessarily.

One of the biggest mistakes campers make is to leave a campfire extinguished without cooling down the ground below it. Even if your fire seems totally out, the ground can still remain hot and dangerous. Be sure to douse your fire with plenty of water and make sure the ground below is cool before leaving the area.
Responsible campfire

Be inspired

Camping should be all about having a good time without damaging your environment. Families with children can use a camping trip as method of showing kids just how beautiful and inspiring nature is and how vital it is we ensure it remains that way. Much of what we do in life comes from the lessons handed to us at a young age, so there’s no better way to instill a sense of respect and admiration towards nature in young ones than letting them see the grandeur of our world up close. Try pointing out the beauty and strength of the trees, the perseverance of a river as it cuts around rocks, or the miracle of photosynthesis as young flowers bloom.

With all this information in your mind, you can now head out into the wilderness knowing that you’re well prepared and ready to have a fantastic, eco-friendly experience.


This is a guest post written by Sherry Chen from Personal Creations.