Water contamination

Diseases Caused by Water Pollution

Polluted water can negatively affect our health, leading to illness as well as death in many cases. Common diseases caused by water pollution are even...

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Land pollution

The Main Causes of Land Pollution

Land pollution is a major problem around the world and is caused by a variety of factors. Some of main causes of land pollution include mining, urbanization, and...

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Climate change affects biodiversity

How Does Climate Change Affect Biodiversity?

As climate change alters temperature patterns, it also has an impact on plant and animal life. Learn more about how does climate change affect biodiversity.

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Importance of biodiversity to ecosystems

Why Is Biodiversity Important to Ecosystems?

Biodiversity boosts ecosystem productivity where each species have an important role to play... Learn more about why is biodiversity important to ecosystems.

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waste incineration plant

Waste Incineration: Advantages and Disadvantages

The waste incineration method is not a straightforward solution, and does come with both advantages and disadvantages.

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reasons why animals become endangered

10 Reasons Why Species Become Endangered

The extinction rate of species today is more than 1,000 times higher than the natural extinction rate. Explore the 10 reasons why species become endangered.

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Air pollution diseases

Diseases Caused by Air Pollution

Outdoor and indoor air pollution is responsible for millions of premature deaths worldwide. How does air pollution harm your health? Have a look at this list of the diseases caused by air pollution...

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Effects of deforestation on animals

How Does Deforestation Affect Animals?

Deforestation poses a big threat to the animals that live within forests. Learn how does deforestation affect animals and what are possible solutions...

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Ocean currents

How Do Ocean Currents Affect Climate?

Ocean currents and water movements play a big role in creation of earth's climates. Some currents take warm water away from the equator, other bring colder water towards it...

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conserve biodiversity

10 Ways to Conserve Biodiversity

The current rate of biodiversity loss is hundreds times higher than the expected natural rate. Here are 10 ways you can help to conserve biodiversity before it's too late.

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