10 convincing reasons to go solar

Next time you are looking at your utility bill, remember our 10 irresistible reasons that will convince you to go solar.

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10 surprising facts about wind energy

Even today, wind energy can still surprise us. In this article are surprising facts about wind energy that will forever change the way you look at a wind turbine.

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geothermal power

Harnessing Power from Below

Many countries are harnessing the geothermal reservoirs to power their cities. Learn more about how geothermal energy works with this animated guide.

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The different types of solar energy

This article will shed some light on the different types of solar energy to help you make better choices when deciding what kind of solar system you would like.

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How to generate solar electricity at home

How to generate solar electricity at home? The extent to which solar power generation is an attractive option for your house can be determined by these factors...

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Advantages and disadvantages of biofuel

This article presents some of the key advantages and disadvantages of the use of biofuels as an alternative energy source. Since the sources of biofuels vary and conditions...

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How does biofuel work

How does biofuel work? Biofuels are as old as car engines, and yet, they are considered to be an alternative energy source...

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10 facts about non-renewable energy

Here are 10 interesting facts about non-renewable energy that just may come in handy next time you are discussing about our energy future.

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Why do we use non-renewable energy

As frustrating as it may seem to us, non-renewable sources of energy are still being used for a number of reasons. First and foremost, it is an issue of cost...

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Why do We Use Fossil Fuels

There are many reasons why we use fossil fuels instead of other fuels. Every situation is different and many people use fossil fuels because they do not believe in....

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