Solar Energy

Solar panels leasing

Solar Leasing versus Power Purchase Agreements: Which Is Better?

If you’d like to rent your solar system, you have two options: solar leases and Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), which are similar but do differ in certain details...

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Solar energy advances

The solar industry keeps constantly improving its technology to achieve more effective utilization of solar power, while generating low cost electricity and heating for its users. As the current advances in solar energy suggest, it is...

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solar energy in bitcoin mining

Using solar power to mine bitcoins has a number of advantages. It reduces mining’s environmental impacts, makes it more lucrative and can help decentralize it, bringing it closer to the cryptocurrency ideal.

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Solar panel mounting types

Types of Solar Panel Mounting Systems and Their Installation

It is important to know what type of solar panel mounting system is the best for you. By knowing how the installation is done, you will be able to choose the option that suits your needs...

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Solar lease

Leasing solar panels may be quick and convenient, but even this solar financing option has its pros and cons...

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Solar energy in agriculture

The agricultural industry relies on the sun to be successful and produce food for the world. Adding solar panels so that the sun does even more work for the industry, in addition to increasing profits and decreasing costs, seems like a great idea.

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ways to finance solar system

Best Ways to Finance Solar Panels

What’s the best way to finance your solar installation? There are so many options that it can be confusing, so let’s take a look at what’s available to help you make an informed choice...

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Ground mount vs roof mount

Roof Mount vs Ground Mount Solar Systems – Pros and Cons

The decision to use roof mounted or ground mounted solar system will affect the overall cost of your solar project. Make sure you choose the one that better fits your economical and technical needs.

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Replacing roof with solar panels

Unless your roof is relatively new or recently restored, the chances are good that your roof will need to be replaced long before your solar panels stop functioning.

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why are solar cells inefficient

Why are Solar Panels Inefficient?

The problem with low efficiency of solar cells lies in the physical aspect of the energy conversion. To understand you must first...

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