Environmental Conservation

Family farmers

Why are small family farms important for the environment and sustainable future? Thanks to the management focused on the highest efficiency, family farms often achieve...

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Earthship house

Earthships Are Worth Looking Into & Here’s Why

Earthships are incredibly efficient and go beyond other green homes. What makes them sustainable is that they are built around interconnected design principles.

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Volcanic activity is beneficial

How Volcanoes Affect Our Lives

Although volcanoes are associated with disasters, they also positively contribute to Earth’s health. Do you know how volcanic activity affects our lives?

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Check dams used by farmers to retain water.

In a country where livelihoods heavily rely on rainfed agriculture, rainfall patterns have become unpredictable due to climate change. This has rendered many households food insecure...

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Reasons for banning plastic bags

Many countries have already put plastic bag restrictions in place. The following are a number of reasons why plastic bags should be banned.

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Single-use plastic straws

Help the Environment by Avoiding These Single-Use Plastics

Convenience is easy, but easy doesn’t always mean good. Take steps to help the environment with this list of solutions to banish single-use plastics from your...

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Food recycling

Learn from this article how to recycle food waste at home to your benefit. With these techniques you will be able to get the most valuable nutrients from your leftovers to...

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Wetlands are integral to the health and sustainability of earth’s biosphere. Continue reading to learn the most astonishing facts about wetlands, you will be...

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Easy ways to recycle household waste

Recycling is a winning option for everyone involved, and you can join this winning team with just a little effort and a well-organized approach.

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Those who practice minimalism suggest it can make you happier, but one of the most significant benefit of minimalism is its relation to sustainability...

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