Environmental Conservation

off-grid living

Some people take green living a step further by creating a self-sustaining lifestyle. If that’s where you want to take your green efforts, it’s possible to achieve, even if you’ve never lived a life off the grid. It only takes a few easy steps and the determination to get there.

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Malawi has planted over 60 million tree seedlings this tree planting season. Tree seedlings were planted on customary lands, in plantations, forest reserve areas and even along the Shire river banks to prevent river's siltation.

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indigenous woodlot

The rate of deforestation in Malawi ranks globally on the fourth place. But some farmers take care of indigenous woodlots, managing them sustainably.

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Green manure

Green manuring is a method that can be easily utilized on large farming plots, as well as small vegetable gardens. To learn more about the purpose of sewing green manure crops for soil fertility, read this article.

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Benefits of crop rotation

The practice of crop rotation is one of the most effective farming strategies, as it comes with numerous benefits that are very important for reducing the use of chemicals and...

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permaculture in malawi

Matthews Shaba Mpofu is pioneering something that a few Malawians have ever heard of. He is teaching people about permaculture farming to achieve sustainable...

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Facts about the rainforest

Top 10 Interesting Facts about the Rainforest

Rainforests are extremely important ecosystems for our planet. The following are just a few of the amazing facts about our world’s rainforests.

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Malawian Farmers Fight Climate Change

Through conservation agriculture practices and the growing of drought resistant crops, local subsistence farmers are hoping to salvage something out of the climate change challenges.

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Repairing Damaged Soil

Natural agricultural practices do leave rural areas susceptible to flooding. By taking these steps to properly drain, replenish and repair your soil, you can begin the process of replanting any damaged crops.

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There are no trees for most households in Malawi, yet everyone depends on trees for fuel wood. To encourage people to plant trees around their houses, Nkomo Sikenala is offering the tree seedlings of selected trees from his nursery...

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