Environmental Conservation

coffee pods

Coffee pods are convenient, but they are terrible for the environment. The good news is that numerous eco-friendly options exist to help you make your coffee drinking greener!

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Things difficult to recycle

Learn to look at the world in a new way. That item that seems impossible to recycle might be just what a local group needs to make something new and exciting. Here is a list of hard to recycle items and how you can recycle them.

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Responsive architecture

Responsive Architecture

Through responsive architecture, we let nature enhance our urban environment and create a natural and balanced living scenario with properties such as water filtration, air filtration and energy generation.

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Plants in the city

Incorporating Plants in the Existing Urban Fabric

One might argue that in some cases, the trees and other plants would act purely as an aesthetic layer onto an environmentally inefficient and costly project, however there will be exceptions to this case...

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Lower your electricity bill

Some of the best ideas for saving electricity do require some upfront investment, and you might see that as a deterrent if you’re on a tight budget. But you have to look at the bigger picture.

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The Awe-Inspiring Kilauea Eruption

Ecosystems in Hawai’i house organisms that are endemic and eruption destroys their habitats. While these things cannot always be predicted, work must be done to revive these ecosystems...

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Green building

The main challenge of the green building codes is the fact that all aspects of a building and its operation are connected. You can’t separate energy use from aesthetics, occupant satisfaction or material use...

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Urban wildlife

Urban growth is increasing the chances of contact between humans and wildlife. We need to safeguard our environment and make species conservation a priority. Why not start from animals with whom we share our urban settings?

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Biodegradable plastic

What Is Biodegradable Plastic?

What is different in biodegradable plastic that it decomposes naturally? It is made of renewable raw materials, such as from corn oil, orange peels, and...

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Use of nature elements

Use of Elements from Nature

One interesting and challenging way of thinking of buildings would be as living entities. Incorporating functions such as air filtration, rain harvesting and other, through smartly designed facades...

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