Astonishing Facts About Wetlands

Wetlands are integral to the health and sustainability of earth’s biosphere. Continue reading to learn the most astonishing facts about wetlands, you will be...

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What Are the Major Threats to Biodiversity?

The present loss of biodiversity is considered the single greatest problem in conservation ecology. The major threats to biodiversity are linked to the...

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Biodiversity conservation

Why Is It Important to Conserve and Protect Biodiversity?

Try imagining a world with just one species of tree in the forest. It is important to conserve biodiversity for the health and abundance of species and protection of the food security...

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Importance of biodiversity to ecosystems

Why Is Biodiversity Important to Ecosystems?

Biodiversity boosts ecosystem productivity where each species have an important role to play... Learn more about why is biodiversity important to ecosystems.

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conserve biodiversity

10 Ways to Conserve Biodiversity

The current rate of biodiversity loss is hundreds times higher than the expected natural rate. Here are 10 ways you can help to conserve biodiversity before it's too late.

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Urban wildlife

Urban growth is increasing the chances of contact between humans and wildlife. We need to safeguard our environment and make species conservation a priority. Why not start from animals with whom we share our urban settings?

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Facts about the rainforest

Top 10 Interesting Facts about the Rainforest

Rainforests are extremely important ecosystems for our planet. The following are just a few of the amazing facts about our world’s rainforests.

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Grizzly - a keystone species

The critical role of keystone species in maintaining the structure of a specific habitat is undeniable. Here are 12 examples of such species that everyone should know...

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Animal abuse

People who abuse animals are more likely to act violently toward other people as well. We need a cultural shift in the way we view animals away from objects we use...

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management of grasslands

Sustainable Management of Grasslands

The most important aspect for the successful sustainable management of grasslands is the management of water that they can host grazing species.

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