Green Living

Mimicking a design from the nature

Only by mimicking the shape from nature is not enough for the structure to be considered biomimicry. It needs to perform...

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How is plastic recycled?

How Is Plastic Recycled: Step by Step

This step-by-step guide should give you a good understanding of how plastic is recycled and where it ends up.

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Plastic bag recycling

Can Plastic Bags Be Recycled?

Plastic bags are not accepted at most municipal pickup sites, but that does not mean they cannot be recycled. Plastic bag recycling is...

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Insect house

The lack of possibility to find a safe place to live and reproduce drives many beneficial insects away from our gardens. We need to revert this trend and attract insects back by providing them a house.

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off-grid living

Some people take green living a step further by creating a self-sustaining lifestyle. It’s possible to achieve it, even if you’ve never lived a life off the grid. It only takes a few easy steps...

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Environmental Benefits of Veganism

Many people know the nutritional effect of veganism on their lives, but they haven’t thought of whether the practice could make any changes to the environment.

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How to Care for Furniture without Chemicals

Despite what years of cleaning experience and advertisements might have told you, you don’t need chemical products to keep your furniture in its best condition.

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Environmentally Friendly Home Renovations

Environmentally friendly renovations aimed at decreasing overall cost of living and protecting your family’s health also carry impressive...

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What’s the Most Eco-Friendly Housing Option

Is home purchase a life decision that negates your inherent stance of sustainable responsibility? This article might help you to choose the most eco-friendly housing option.

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Make Sure Your Home Has Good Water Quality

As far as the water we drink from home, we assume it is safe. While this is probably true, there are unfortunate exceptions. How do you know your water is safe?

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