vegetable garden

Here are 10 tips to help you start your own vegetable garden so you can indulge in some homegrown produce.

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Insect house

The lack of possibility to find a safe place to live and reproduce drives many beneficial insects away from our gardens. We need to revert this trend and attract insects back by providing them a house.

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Bring Back Backyard Biodiversity

You have a potential habitat full of biodiversity waiting for you in your backyard. Follow these steps to help your region become more biodiverse.

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the OGarden project

Indoor Gardening Is Finally Revolutionized with the O Garden

The O Garden is an indoor garden with a fascinating design that can produce around 100 plants in about half a square meter of space while only using one lamp.

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Eco-friendly Tips for the Ultimate Backyard

You can make your outdoor areas as eco-friendly as the inside of your home. How? You can begin from the basics...

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Environmentally friendly pest control tips

Environmentally friendly pest control tips are based on using natural predators or other preventative techniques an alternative to the use of chemicals.

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Ways to Save Water in Your Garden

Clean water is such a valuable and limited resource, and we should do whatever we can to conserve it. Here are 5 ways that you can use to save water in your garden.

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Things you should never compost

Read what things from your kitchen you should never compost to make sure that the materials have fully decayed and are ready to be used in the soil.

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Tips on How to Grow Vegetables IndoorsTips on How to Grow Vegetables Indoors

Gardening is becoming popular as people are looking for alternatives. Read on to learn some great tips about how you can grow your own vegetables indoors!

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Tips How to Use Compost Effectively

Compost is a great natural fertilizer. However, there are a few things you need to know prior application. Learn 5 basic tips how to use compost efficiently.

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