Environmental Conservation

Green roofs benefits

The following list shows some of the top benefits that green roofs can provide to cities and other places.

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Volcanic activity benefits

Is volcanic activity beneficial for the Earth? Volcanoes create fertile soil and form now land. Volcanic gases add water to the Earth...

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Food preservation methods

Find out how to preserve food using sun drying methods. Think of these methods as a way to reconnect with the wisdom of our ancestors.

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Renewable energy for home

There are various ways of generating electricity at home with renewable energy. Here we describe four of the most popular technologies.

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Things to know before starting a garden

Explore these 10 things to know before starting your own garden to help you guide your planning.

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sustainable farming methods

The following 10 sustainable farming methods and practices are just a few ways we can achieve a much more sustainable food system.

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Reduce waste at home

By reducing our waste, we can reduce our ecological footprint and save money at the same time. Here are 15 tips for reducing waste at home.

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