Environmental Conservation

how to make use of compost bin

Composting at home is a great way to reduce waste and nourish the soil in our gardens or yards. Learn how to make and use a compost bin.

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donate old cell phone

Give your phone new life and help communities around the world by donating. Find out more about where you can donate old cell phones.

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metals recycling

Benefits of Recycling Metals: Why Bother? Recycling metals helps to conserve natural resources, protect the environment, save energy and more important...

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where to recycle batteries

A guide to help you find where to recycle batteries. Battery recycling is not as straight-forward as recycling most other materials, such as paper or glass...

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get paid to recycle mobiles

Would you like to get paid to recycle your mobile? Find out how to recycle cell phones for cash and reduce E-waste on earth.

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how is e-waste recycled

How is E-Waste Recycled: The recycling process involves both manual labor and automation. The use of automated equipment during the recycling process helps to...

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Reusing plastic bottles

Reusing plastic water bottles multiple times can be dangerous. They can cause contamination, later leading to health problems.

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bottled water versus tap water

Bottled Water or Tap Water? Learn more about bottled water to see if it's really better than tap water.

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water quality standards

How are water quality standards determined: Common water quality parameters that are used for assessment include aesthetic qualities, cyanide, hardness, ...

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