Sustainable Farming

Check dams used by farmers to retain water.

In a country where livelihoods heavily rely on rainfed agriculture, rainfall patterns have become unpredictable due to climate change. This has rendered many households food insecure...

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Solar energy in agriculture

The agricultural industry relies on the sun to be successful and produce food for the world. Adding solar panels so that the sun does even more work for the industry, in addition to increasing profits and decreasing costs, seems like a great idea.

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Green manure

Green manuring is a method that can be easily utilized on large farming plots, as well as small vegetable gardens. To learn more about the purpose of sewing green manure crops for soil fertility, read this article.

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Benefits of crop rotation

The practice of crop rotation is one of the most effective farming strategies, as it comes with numerous benefits that are very important for reducing the use of chemicals and...

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permaculture in malawi

Matthews Shaba Mpofu is pioneering something that a few Malawians have ever heard of. He is teaching people about permaculture farming to achieve sustainable...

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Malawian Farmers Fight Climate Change

Through conservation agriculture practices and the growing of drought resistant crops, local subsistence farmers are hoping to salvage something out of the climate change challenges.

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Repairing Damaged Soil

Natural agricultural practices do leave rural areas susceptible to flooding. By taking these steps to properly drain, replenish and repair your soil, you can begin the process of replanting any damaged crops.

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resilient and sustainable agriculture

Growing crops with maximum efficiency and environmental friendliness in mind is not only obtainable, but it’s also practical when adhering to the following methods.

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Precision agriculture

The advanced technology can help farmers increase their productivity and profits, and support them in using more sustainable farming practices.

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world soil day

Let’s Not Go with the Flow

To many of us, soil is just that sticky brown stuff we walk on everyday. But soil is much more than that, in fact, it is the mine of nutrients and energy...

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