Environmental Issues

Monoculture pros and cons

It is critical to explore what the advantages and disadvantages of monoculture farming really are, since global food prices are becoming a lot more volatile...

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Food wasting

The Burning Problem

Our world is now producing more food than it ever has, but lot of this food is left uneaten. Food waste reaching the landfills contributes to global warming...

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overfishing fisherman

A Deeper Look Into Overfishing

In recent years, we have taken fishing to a disastrous level with new and dangerous methods of catching fish. If the problems pertaining to overfishing are not addressed...

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Prevention of desertification

How to prevent or reverse desertification when the problem seems getting worse with increasing droughts? Possible solutions to desertification are based on the...

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Livestock grazing causes desertification

The loss of land to desertification has major impact on many places on our planet today and is expected to affect humanity even more in the future.

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Check dams used by farmers to retain water.

In a country where livelihoods heavily rely on rainfed agriculture, rainfall patterns have become unpredictable due to climate change. This has rendered many households food insecure...

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Natural resource depletion

Conserving natural resources is vital for the environment, economy and our health. Here are some solutions we can adopt to revert natural resource depletion at the moment...

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Ways to prevent air pollution

The following list presents you 20 simple ways how you can prevent outdoor and indoor air pollution. It’s time to become more cautious about pollutants you introduce to your life...

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Endangered elephants

Elephants are admired for their intelligence and emotional complexity, but sadly they are also facing...Keep on reading to learn why are elephants endangered.

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LA air pollution

The continued issue with air pollution in California causes many people to wonder if the state even has a chance of solving its problems, and if so, how...

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