Environmental Issues

pros and cons of fossil fuels

Pros and Cons of Fossil Fuels

Fossil fuels are by far the most widespread and most used energy source across the entire world. Have a look at this list of pros and cons of their use.

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Pros and cons of GMO's

Pros and Cons of GMOs

There is widespread skepticism when it comes to the public’s perception of GMOs. This list of pros and cons of GMOs should help you make your mind about this controversial issue...

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Impact of plastic bags on environment

Impact of Plastic Bags on the Environment

The consequences of plastic bag use can be seen across all realms of earth. The impacts are dramatic and daunting for all living organisms and the environment.

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Plastic pollution

Stop Being Plastic

Plastic is harmful to all living creatures and also to the environment where we live. We need to end the plastic pollution that is increasing day by day, otherwise the marine environment as well as the terrestrial environment are...

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Strategies to reduce deforestation

Ending deforestation is the best chance we have to stabilize our climate, save wildlife species and protect our well-being. Adopt some of these strategies to help prevent the loss of more trees.

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Malawian Farmers Fight Climate Change

Through conservation agriculture practices and the growing of drought resistant crops, local subsistence farmers are hoping to salvage something out of the climate change challenges.

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Eucalyptus Under Pests Attack In Malawi

Millions of tree species like eucalyptus have been under attack from a pest, which is making trees lose their leaves and eventually dry up.

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10 endangered marine mammals in the world

Due to a multitude of factors, there are many marine mammals who are considered to be endangered. Here is a list of the top 10 endangered marine mammals in the world.

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The state of plastic pollution

The Dire State of Plastic Pollution

Who can say for certain that the only plastic in contact with the fish we purchase are the bags we put them in? Plastic pollution is getting...

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Example of a small sinkhole

What Causes Sinkholes and How to Fix Them

Sinkholes appear in unexpected places, and can be very dangerous. Learn more about what causes sinkholes to appear, how to detect them and how to fix them.

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