Environmental Issues

Endangered elephants

Why Are Elephants Endangered Species?

Elephants are admired for their intelligence and emotional complexity, but sadly they are also facing...Keep on reading to learn why are elephants endangered.

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LA air pollution

The continued issue with air pollution in California causes many people to wonder if the state even has a chance of solving its problems, and if so, how...

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Boreholes malawi

Due to droughts caused by climate change, many boreholes on which rural people in Malawi rely for access to safe and clean water, are becoming dysfunctional.

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Endangered pangolin

Why Are Pangolins Endangered?

Pangolins, the most trafficked animals in the world, are critically endangered in the wild. The pangolin trade accounts for twenty percent of all illegal trade...

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Consequences of poaching

The Devastating Consequences of Wildlife Poaching

The consequences of poaching to wildlife are not only devastating; they are also pervasive. It is the second-biggest direct threat to species survival after habitat destruction.

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Why Are Rhinos Endangered?

Why are rhinos endangered? A rhino horn can be sold for extremely high amounts of money, which makes it even more valuable to black market traders than gold.

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Rhino at the edge of extinction

What Causes Animals to Become Extinct?

To answer the question why are so many animals going extinct, we have to first understand the impact of our...

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Giraffes endangered

Why Are Giraffes Endangered and How Can We Help?

Part of the reason why are giraffes endangered is simply because no one was really paying attention. They are such an iconic part of the African landscape that it...

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Water pollution

Water Pollution Facts, Causes, Effects & Solutions

The following lists display causes of water pollution, facts and the effects it has on human health and the environment. Solutions to prevent and mitigate...

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Soil erosion is an ongoing process that affects each site in a slightly different way. It is caused by numerous factors and its effects can be seen in...

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