The state of plastic pollution

The Dire State of Plastic Pollution

Who can say for certain that the only plastic in contact with the fish we purchase are the bags we put them in? Plastic pollution is getting...

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Guide to Preventing Water Pollution

The best method to prevent water pollution is to stop polluting in the first place. Here’s a quick guide of actions you can do to decrease water contamination.

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Can We Develop LED Lights that Can Reduce Light Pollution

If we want to use LED lights to reduce light pollution, we should... It’s not a complicated solution. We need to manufacture lights with...

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Ocean and Water Pollution

Water pollution is a growing problem that could be as dangerous as climate change. Is there anything we can do? Can we fix this problem before it’s too late?

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noise pollution

How Noise Pollution Is Disrupting the Ecosystem

Our world is noisy, and we are never going to have complete silence. We have to find a balance between what is natural and tolerable noise for humans and animals.

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What is thermal pollution

What Is Thermal Pollution?

What is thermal pollution? The primary source of thermal pollution is the discharge of heated...And even during warm weather, urban runoff can have significant thermal impacts on...

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Deadly ghost fishing

Deadly Ghost Fishing

The fishermen who once controlled a fishing gear have long since gone home and yet their gear continues to kill marine life. Life destroyed by ghost fishing is...

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List of diseases caused by air pollution

Diseases Caused by Air Pollution

Majority of the world’s population lives in places where air pollution exceeds safe limits. Some of the diseases caused by air pollution are listed in this article.

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Electromagnetic pollution around us

Electromagnetic Pollution Around Us?

The term, electromagnetic pollution, has increasingly entered our dictionary over the last few decades and is likely to continue to be an issue of some concern...

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Environmental impacts of fuel dumping

Environmental Impacts of Fuel Dumping

The environmental impacts of fuel dumping that reached the ground were immediately visible to the population of... The source of this damage even led to...

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