Malawi is already losing the forest cover at an alarming level, but the latest development of cutting down mango trees is especially worrying...

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Effects of deforestation on animals

Deforestation poses a big threat to the animals that live within forests. Learn how does deforestation affect animals and what are possible solutions...

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Strategies to reduce deforestation

Ending deforestation is the best chance we have to stabilize our climate, save wildlife species and protect our well-being. Adopt some of these strategies to help prevent the loss of more trees.

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illegal deforestation in Romania

Romania is losing 3 hectares of forest per hour putting at risk the natural habitats of many species, and impacting clean air. Help us save Romania's forests!

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A forest without trees

A Forest Without Trees

How would a forest without trees look like? It is time to acknowledge that we are responsible for continued destruction of forests more than any other species on the planet...

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The scale of deforestation in the US

The huge losses of forest in Asia and South America is well publicized, but unfortunately, a similar thing happens in the United States. The scale of deforestation...

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The problem of illegal logging in Philippines

Illegal logging in Philippines represents a major problem...the lack of infrastructure, law enforcement, and motivation to prevent the deforestation is...

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How Rainforest Destruction Hides in Our Clothes

30% of the rayon and viscose, extremely popular fabrics and used by major clothing brands, from clothing comes from endangered and ancient forests. The production process...

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Species Lost to Deforestation- pygmy raccoon

Learn about 10 species already lost due to deforestation or which are likely not to survive in the wild for another decade. Many more will follow if current practices...

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What Happens During Deforestation

Around 18 million acres of forest are lost every year, as an area is cleared, there are a number of immediate and long-term effects. What exactly happens?

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