Fossil Fuels

pros and cons of fossil fuels

Fossil fuels are by far the most widespread and most used energy source across the entire world. Have a look at this list of pros and cons of their use.

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What are fossil fuels made of

Commonly found underground, fossil fuels were formed by what can only be called a particularly lengthy process over millions of years. They were made of ancient...

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Strip mining: a destructive way of coal extraction

The process of strip mining involves striping away trees, plants and topsoil so that the coal can be accessed underneath. This means that surface mining destroys...

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The environmental impacts of mining fossil fuels

Fossil fuel extraction, cheap as the process itself may be, is actually very costly to our environment and health. The environmental impacts of mining fossil fuels are...

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Why is natural gas a non-renewable resource

While natural gas seems to offer a lot of advantages compared to other fossil fuels, the underlying concerns that hold true for fossil fuels come into play when considering its use.

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Why is oil a nonrenewable resource

The story of oil is certainly a very interesting one. A relatively easy to access and refined in an efficient way to maximise its use but at the same time it is highly polluting...

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Why are fossil fuels non-renewable resources

Throughout a period of literally millions of years, even before the dinosaurs, a number of fossil fuels formed all in a very similar way. Their formation was facilitated by the...

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ways to conserve fossil fuels

There are many large and smaller scale ways to conserve fossil fuels, the top five that you can introduce to your lifestyle are listed below.

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Why do We Use Fossil Fuels

There are many reasons why we use fossil fuels instead of other fuels. Every situation is different and many people use fossil fuels because they do not believe in....

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The Impact of fossil fuel on Climate Change

The Impact of Fossil Fuels on Climate Change

With humanity longing for the use of fossil fuel, nothing seems to stop their devastating consequences...and with the majority of greenhouse gas emissions being of human origin...

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