How Hot Do Solar Panels Get? Effect of Temperature on PV Panel Efficiency

Effect of temperature on solar panel efficiency
  1. Hi. Thank you for the wonderful article. My husband wants to install mirrors that reflect sunlight onto our solar panels on the east side of our house so they get sun all day. He says that directing mirrored sunlight onto the panels when the outside temperature is 80 degrees Fahrenheit will make them more efficient. Our panels are on the roof of our house and summertime here gets really hot, up to 118 degrees farenheit. I’m concerned that reflecting mirrored sunlight onto the panels will heat them up too much and also that he will leave the mirrors up all summer because he doesn’t seem concerned. What do you think?

    1. Hi Heidi,

      Thank you for asking and for your words of appreciation. Using mirrors to increase power output of your photovoltaic solar system has potential to increase the power you get on colder days and during the time of the day or year when the sun is low. However, as you have learned from this article, as soon as solar panels get too hot, their output will decrease. On warmer days, mirrors will definitely contribute to heating up solar panels faster and for longer time periods which can lead to significant power losses and shorten the lifetime of your solar panels. You should definitely consider removing the mirrors in later spring and summer to protect your solar panels from unnecessary overheating.

  2. very enlightening. nice work, but i don’t think electrons are at rest at 25 degrees, I think they are just at a lower energy level than when they are at say 35 degrees.

  3. I made diy solar panel use 21.6 percent high efficiency solar panel and encapsulation with silicone but i am getting 800w of 420w max in 40 to 50 degree celsius.i am using 24volt system and 150Ah lead acid battery.

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