Can We Develop LED Lights that Can Reduce Light Pollution

Can We Develop LED Lights that Can Reduce Light Pollution?

If we want to use LED lights to reduce light pollution, we should... It’s not a complicated solution. We need to manufacture lights with...

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The Environmental Footprint of the Solar Industry

Does solar energy cause pollution? Solar energy does not pollute the air or drain our scarce water supplies. At least, so we hear from media all around us. Is this true?

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solar pack hiking

Top 5 Best Solar Powered Backpacks (reviews inside)

In this guide, we are going to look at the top 5 best solar backpacks available on the market right now. Reviews and awesome tips inside!

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Environmental Impacts of Factories

Factories negatively impact the environment through air pollutant emissions, toxic waste and contamination. Technological advancements offer a variety of options to...

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The little ice age

A Lesson in Humility

The Little Ice Age was a global phenomenon that struck the Earth after the Medieval Warm Period. Millions died, if not from the cold itself...People affected were...

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Steps to help fish stocks recover

Steps to Help Fish Stocks Recover

It is the entire fishing industry that ultimately suffers when all of the fish are gone, so fishermen have...The critical steps to help fish stocks recover are...

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Climate Change and Forest Fires

The Relationship between Climate Change and Forest Fires

Fire season is expected each year, but this one seemed worse than usual. The fires were more intense this year because they were climate enabled. Climate change is...

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Progress: How Cities Are Building the New Sustainable Economy

The transition to a sustainable economy could well be won or lost in our cities. Cities create jobs, improve public health, boost tourism and attract the innovative industries.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Energy

If you’re considering to go solar, now it’s the time to learn more about the pros and cons of solar energy.

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endangered sea turtles

How Did Sea Turtles Become Endangered?

A strong and resilient creature, the sea turtle will swim thousands of miles during its lifetime...And yet endangered sea turtles are headed toward extinction.

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