why are solar cells inefficient

Why are Solar Panels Inefficient?

The problem with low efficiency of solar cells lies in the physical aspect of the energy conversion. To understand you must first...

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Insect house

The lack of possibility to find a safe place to live and reproduce drives many beneficial insects away from our gardens. We need to revert this trend and attract insects back by providing them a house.

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Plastic pollution

Stop Being Plastic

Plastic is harmful to all living creatures and also to the environment where we live. We need to end the plastic pollution that is increasing day by day, otherwise the marine environment as well as the terrestrial environment are...

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off-grid living

Some people take green living a step further by creating a self-sustaining lifestyle. It’s possible to achieve it, even if you’ve never lived a life off the grid. It only takes a few easy steps...

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Malawi has planted over 60 million tree seedlings this tree planting season. Tree seedlings were planted on customary lands, in plantations, forest reserve areas and even along the Shire river banks to prevent river's siltation.

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solar panel mounting

Solar Panel Mounting Options: Do Solar Panels Have to Be on the Roof?

If you are weighing where to mount solar panels, you have to make a few important considerations. Technologies are rapidly advancing and new solar panel mounting options are now available.

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Connection of solar panels

Connecting Multiple Solar Panels – Series vs. Parallel

We often hear installers talking about the connection of solar panels in series or parallel, but many of us do not understand the difference between these designs and their impact on the performance of the solar system.

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Solar panel roof leak

It is not hard to find on internet horror stories about roofs leaking after solar panels were installed. But these stories are often misleading...

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solar panel installation

Step by Step Solar Panel Installation – A Comprehensive Guide

This guide provides you with the necessary overview of the process of the solar panel installation. It focuses on...

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solar for business

Installing solar panels will position your brand as environmentally conscious, tech-friendly and forward thinking — important attributes for attracting customers and investors.

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