deep-water corals

Until the completion of recent research, we didn’t know much about how deep-water corals survive and why they glow. As it turns out, the two things are related.

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Can we rely on solar and wind energy

Can We Rely Entirely on Wind and Solar Energy?

Solar and wind energy sound like the way to go for the bright future. But there is one aspect to consider, if we were to rely on them entirely. Are they able to...

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Floods and climate change

Climate change is increasing the amount of warm, humid air and decreasing the amount of cold, dry air. This means two things... Floods are becoming...

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Farm employees are exposed to pesticides in unprecedented amounts, as they are the ones who come into direct contact with these chemicals. The effect of pesticides...

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what is climate change

What Is Climate Change?

In the past our climate did undergo radical changes, but this is not the same kind of change as we are seeing today. What is happening and what causes global warming?

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Advantages and disadvantages of using biotechnology in agriculture

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Biotechnology in Agriculture

Is the use of biotechnology in agriculture a technological revolution which we should be welcoming or are there hidden disadvantages of artificially changing foodstuff?

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eating less meat to reduce emissions

Meat Our Climate Goals

Studies have shown time and time again that consumption of meat has a tremendous impact on climate change. And with 2016 being the warmest year ever recorded, we cannot...

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Solar power shopping tips

Solar Power Shopping? Here Are Some Tips to Help

When on the quest after the best solar installation, the amount of information can be overwhelming. Here are some important tips to start with when shopping for solar...

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noise pollution

How Noise Pollution Is Disrupting the Ecosystem

Our world is noisy, and we are never going to have complete silence. We have to find a balance between what is natural and tolerable noise for humans and animals.

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Renewable Energy Options for the Eco-Friendly House

Renewable Energy Options for an Eco-Friendly House

Using renewable energy sources for house is simpler and less expensive than one might think. This article provides in-depth information on renewable energy options for...

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