Human causes of earthquakes

Human Causes of Earthquakes

Surprisingly, it has been seen that seismic activity increased due to...Here are the most common human causes of earthquakes.

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What does loss of bees mean for us

What Does Loss of Bees Mean for Us?

What does the loss of bees actually mean for us? Bees provide us with a free, indispensable service that would be difficult to recover if it was lost. They help...

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Effect of pollution on plants

Effect of Pollution on Plants

Pollution does not only affect animals and humans, it has many negative effects on plants as well. Some of them include leaf damage, slower growth, root damage, and inability to photosynthesize...

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Golden eagle affected by climate-change

How Climate Change Affects Animals

The impacts of climate change on species are clearly illustrated by looking at the cases of the following species, prioritised on the basis of how they are affected...

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Brief facts about illegal pet trade

Brief Facts About Illegal Pet Trade

Wildlife is put at risk due to a variety of reasons linked to human activity. But only few of us think that numerous species are threatened because they are illegally traded as pets.

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Biodiversity hotspots of the world

Biodiversity Hotspots of the World

There are 35 biodiversity hotspots that have been identified around the world. Although they only make up less than..., a large portion of the species in these zones...

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Life on the brink of a sixth mass extinction

Life on the Brink of a Sixth Mass Extinction

Data are supporting evidence that we are living on the brink of a sixth mass extinction. Over the past 500 years, we know of 1,000 species that have gone extinct...

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How are we protecting our freshwater resources

How Are We Protecting Our Freshwater Resources?

Governments around the world are legislating to ensure that water used for industrial purposes is cleaned up before being reintroduced in the water stream, but...

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The most poached animals in the world

The Most Poached Animals in the World

Statistics indicate that poaching for a large number of the targeted species is on the rise. And the sadder news is that there is a long list of poached animals.

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Why do We Use Fossil Fuels

Why do We Use Fossil Fuels Instead of Other Fuels?

There are many reasons why we use fossil fuels instead of other fuels. Every situation is different and many people use fossil fuels because they do not believe in....

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