sustainable methods to grow rice

Sustainable Methods to Grow Rice

Rice’s extraordinary water footprint is primarily owed to...One of the most promising approaches was developed about 25 years ago by farmers in Madagascar who decided...

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What role does humus play in soil fertility

What Role Does Humus Play in Soil Fertility?

What role does humus play in soil fertility? Because of its high ratio in organic compounds, humus is also rich in microorganisms which help plants to absorb nutrients or...

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What Can Be Done to Reduce Climate Change

Climate Change Risks on Morocco

The future generations in Morocco will live in a period of scarcity and scarcity of water supplies, including the deterioration of water quality.

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What effect do keystone species have on an environment

What Effect Do Keystone Species Have on an Environment?

Keystone species are plants or animals that play a unique and crucial role. Research has identified 4 ways in which keystone species can affect their environment...

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Strategies to reduce deforestation

15 Strategies to Reduce Deforestation

Deforestation has become the greatest threat to biodiversity and species existence across the world. There are a number of ways that the extent of deforestation can be reduced.

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How does global warming affect the ocean

How Does Global Warming Affect the Ocean?

How does global warming affect the ocean? It is causing coral bleaching, affecting reef structure, and in some cases, is reducing the reproductive capabilities of...

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Why is air quality important to human health

Why Is Air Quality Important to Human Health?

Some people are familiar with air pollution, but for many of us, it isn’t something that would ever cross our minds. It should. Air quality is important for our health and...

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Water pollution in Rio de Janeiro

Water Pollution in Rio De Janeiro

Rio De Janeiro has huge problems with water pollution. And most of this pollution ends up in the ocean, where it is extremely harmful to sensitive marine ecosystems.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Intensive Fruit Farming

Advantages and Disadvantages of Intensive Fruit Farming

Intensive farming appears to be the way of the future. But there are a number of advantages and disadvantages of intensive fruit farming, which will be outlined in this article.

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effects of global warming on marine life

Harmful Effects of Global Warming on Marine Life

Although the effects of global warming on the ocean aren’t often publicized, many marine species are threatened by the earth’s changing climates.

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