How Does Deforestation Affect Animals?

Effects of deforestation on animals
  1. I like how most of the people who post are doing a research project are doing deforestation, like me. Its huge global issues besides climate change that a whole other topic but contribute to it I just wish people could see reality and see-through from their consciousness and forget that we human a whole other species are affected by it too open yall eyes also I hope everyone is safe and well through this time.

  2. Yes! This website was a huge help! I love it so much. I am doing a science report on deforestation and now I have the best information from this website. Thank You!!

  3. This is a great website and completely accurate. I am doing a report about a deforestation debate and i am all for conservation. This website helped out a lot and answered so any questions that I have had. Thank you

  4. Trees won’t grow fast enough, we need to find a better way, a way to stop people from cutting them down

  5. deforestation causes animals to move out of there homes and find a new one and also depletes air emitted from trees And it might kill animals 🙁

  6. deforestation causes animals to move out of there homes and find a new one and also depletes air emitted from trees

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    How Can We Stop Deforestation?
    Perhaps one of the most effective solutions to the problems of deforestation around the globe is to change the valuation of products that are obtained through deforestation to the valuation of global forests for the important ecosystem services and other important resources they provide, including the storage of carbon in a carbon-constrained future.

    Stopping deforestation will take an international effort, as it is a widespread problem that is present on all continents. To be most effective, we cannot focus completely on stopping all logging because it is an integral part of many communities.

  8. deforestration affects the lives of the animals because illegal loggers cutted the trees and the animals has no shelter live . deforestration also affects the lives of an human because the world will getting hotter because theres no trees to produce oxygen or X20 . so that we must have plant more trees and segregate our trash to become our city a better place to live. thats all thank you .

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