How Is Plastic Recycled: Step by Step

How is plastic recycled?
  1. Be sure to leave the closures on your plastic bottles for recycling. That is misstated in the article. The American Plastic Recyclers organization recommends leaving the closures on so that material can be recycled too. Individual caps are not recyclable on their own.

  2. waooo beautiful piece of Ariticle on plastic recycling. i enjoy reading it, infact am empowered to change my country Cameroon in a NW region Bamenda. uncontrol dumping of waste water plastic bottles. I will need a course on plastic recycling to achieve my objective. God bless u

  3. I have enjoyed reading this article and it has just picked up my interest in recycled or recycling plastics especially in my country Kenya. Thanks

  4. When it comes to recycling, making sure that the correct kind of plastic can be recycled can make a huge difference between sending the plastic off to a recycling plant and it ending up in a landfill. Even at a construction site, making sure that plastic that’s been segregated properly is a big deal since this can and would cause garbage to build up if not handled correctly. If I had the chance to work for a recycling plant then I would want to make sure that any and all kinds of plastic brought in from construction sites are handled properly and can be recycled down the road.

  5. If one is sincerely concerned about the finite supply of fossil fuels, insist on biodegradable plastic made only from agricultural sources. Boycott plastic made from oil or natural gas. Food costs will skyrocket but we will not have a plastic planet.

  6. has industry or universities looked into ways to use non-recyclable plastic as a structural fill, such as strengthening plastic fences or other materials used to build long term items?

      1. I believe the best solution and cheapest solution to our plastic dilemma is too embrace the fact that it is a product that we cannot do without. Recycling should be made easier and simpler which should be easy todo nowadays via simple communication. We need to cut out plastic misuse ie certain packaging, however packaging is not a problem if curtailed to a set number of moulds. If all the stores printed a number on the packaging so it could be easier stacked taking up less space and easier stored etc. You could have a plastic design in one store used to pack steaks and in another store the same pack is used to store cheesecakes it does not matter, because when the customer is presented with the two products as waste packaging they simply stack it together as the mould is the same.

  7. Is there a way that legislation can be introduced to place a deposit on water bottles? In Michigan there is a 10 cent refundable deposit placed on soda and alcohol containers. these containers have a 98% recovery rate. Can you imagine how the recycling of perfectly good plastic would greatly increase if all of those water bottles had a deposit placed on them?

    1. Dear Angela,

      Yes, that’s a great point. From my experience, in some countries this container-refund legislation has already been in place for other beverages – mainly beer bottles or cans. And it has definitely proven to be very encouraging for consumers to bring empty bottles back, or if they themselves didn’t, you could actually see some guys picking them up from garbage bins to get that extra little cash for returning them.

      I also remember that before sparkling water was sold in PETs, we actually had to return empty glass bottles back to our neighborhood store, otherwise the store owner would not want to sell us new waters for our mom :). She kept record of sold bottles and had to return empty glass bottles back to the company that was delivering them, otherwise there was some fee.

      Collectively, consumers, producers, governments, we need to start taking into consideration the whole life-cycle of items we use. I think we got carried away by the ease and affordability of packing drinking water in plastic and left too many loose ends that didn’t exist with glass bottles.


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