April 15, 2017 Environmental Issues Written by Guest Contributor
Important Facts You Need to Know about Floods
Within the United Kingdom 1 in 6 homes are at

the risk of flooding. It is now believed that your property is more likely to be flooded than it is burgled. Flooding is a major issue, not just in the United Kingdom but globally. With the oncoming of climate change and increased urbanisation of our environment flood events and their severity is set to increase.

Types of flooding are vast; and many beyond our control – known as natural causes of flooding. This includes tidal or river flooding, often caused by storms, ice and snow melts and moon phases. However; could some causes of flooding be man-made and within our control? Increased urbanisation, bad farming practice and deforestation are all key contributors to some severe cases of flooding.

Across England alone the cost of annual flood damage is in the excess of £1 billion. The average pay-out for a domestic flood claim is £50,000 during one flood period, when just a temporary accommodation has to be found for at least 3,000 households. But flooding does not only have a detrimental effect for homeowners, it affects businesses as well. According to statistics, an estimated 40-50% of businesses never reopen again after suffering the damage during flooding.

It is crucial that homeowners, business owners and policy makers seriously consider future proofing our country against this increasing risk. Solutions can be anything from temporary flood barrier measures, re-constructing old flood plains or adapting current homes and businesses.

Fluvial Innovations have created this flood infographic to be used as an educational tool to provide a further understanding of the REAL cost and cause of flooding in the UK. Have a look.

Important Facts You Need to Know about Floods


The source of the infographic: https://www.fluvial-innovations.co.uk/
The text is written by Simon Phelps.