Nuclear Waste Storage and Disposal Problems

Nuclear waste disposal and storage
  1. So, this article is a bit out of date and brings with it many preconceptions regarding nuclear energy. My first thought is, what is the alternative? Burning fossil fuels? Renewables? Renewables can only be a small part of the solution and an expensive one at that. Solar panels may be cheap but the power is intermittent so you must add storage or burn fossil fuels. We need a reliable, universal source of carbon-free energy. Nuclear fission fills that bill. Gen IV reactors can burn used fuel from earlier generations. One source:

    1. Hi John. I don’t think you have a complete overview over the potential of renewable energy. There is much research done already, but what I can tell you is that (for example) Solar energy is still in its early development. Every year there’s amazing progress. Why put in danger communities (or entire countries) because of nuclear? There is free energy up in the sky and not only there. That’s clean and unlimited source of energy. Storage is not an issue.

      1. Both of you make good points, but I would like to add an FYI.

        The process of mining and extracting rare earths vital to both solar panels and the rechargeable batteries they rely on is incredibly polluting if extreme care is not taken. It also produces radioactive ores that are almost always found with rare earths (i.e. Thorium)

        The current reactors used to produce energy are dangerous as well and the use of high pressure steam and water has been the cause of every nuclear power plant explosion and loss of containment. Other reactor designs are much safer to operate and do not depend on pumps and backup pumps never failing.

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