Positive Effects of Agriculture on the Environment

Impacts of agriculture on the environment
  1. Agriculture is also very harmful in many respects to the environment.More so than what this article leads us to believe.I would put these positives that are explained under propaganda because its not telling the whole truth.

    1. Dear David,

      I suggest you read the whole article and not only the titles of each section. We believe that the article provides clear examples of agricultural practices that are known for helping in preserving or creating positive impacts on the environment. The article does not state that intensive techniques used in agriculture fall under this criteria.

      For negative effects of agriculture, I suggest you check our category about “Intensive Agriculture”. Article that may particularly interest you is called: “Ecosystem Changes Caused by Agriculture”.

    2. Do you eat food, David? Then you have experienced the positive side of agriculture because if there was no farmland or even not enough your food prices at the nearby grocery store would raise in price and rarity and you and your family would be starving and be like the people in Africa where there is not enough fertile farmland.

  2. My daddy told me that agriculture is the engine of growth in every state or society..I didn’t really understand until I read your intellectual article on the positive effects of agriculture. This is so amazing guys

  3. This article was every informative towards my research. Thank you and continue writing for the world to see the good agriculture can bring. Agriculture is the backbone of our country.

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