September 25, 2017 Environmental Conservation Written by Guest Contributor
Cities Are Building the New Sustainable Economy
The transition to a sustainable economy could

well be won or lost in our cities. Urban areas house half the world’s population but represent almost two-thirds of global energy demand and 70% of carbon emissions from the energy sector.

The good news is cities are already taking action to respond to climate change, build resilience, and create better places to live, work and do business. And this change is accelerating.

All over the globe, from the green electric trains of Adelaide to the new urban parks of Chicago, cities are stepping up on climate action. CDP’s new video ‘Progress’ celebrates these leaders and tells a story of a world in transition.

Based on new data from nearly 600 global cities, CDP found that around 8,000 actions are being taken, and projects worth US$52 billion are already being planned to build a new sustainable economy.

In the face of rapid urbanization, population growth, climate change and water stress, the stakes have never been higher. We have so much to lose, but also so much to gain. Cities can create good jobs, improve public health, boost tourism and attract the innovative industries of the future.

Cities have made great strides already, but we need to increase the pace and scale of change. Together we can tip the balance, but to get there, we need bold leadership from cities and communities.


How can you help?

    • Share the importance of city climate action with your friends and colleagues by sharing this post and the ‘Progress’ video on social media. The campaign hashtag is: #CDPCities.

    • Find out if your home city discloses their environmental data to CDP, and let your local representatives know it’s important to you. Measurement, transparency and accountability are the crucial first steps to action.



“From investment in renewable energy; low carbon transport; green spaces and more, we’re seeing hundreds of cities transitioning to a new sustainable economy. Cities are in action and creating good jobs, improving public health, boosting tourism and attracting the innovative industries of the future. A tipping point is emerging, as cities increasingly recognize sustainability as essential to not only for tackling climate change, but making more attractive places to live and work.
Together, we’re making progress.”

Kyra Appleby, Head of CDP Cities


This is a guest post written by non-profit organisation CDP.