Pros and Cons of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

Pros and cons of GMO's
  1. GMO, let me think, messing with nature, “Mad cow disease” A big fat no from me. The EEC had food piles in the past but prefered to destroy them than give to countries with famine, we do not need GMOs!

    1. i understand way you would think it is a bad thing but just think of all the good Genetically Modified Foods can do for people in poor countries .i am not saying that this is a good idea but it not a bad one

      1. but theres lack of evidence that GMO foods are good for your health, because cancer can develop

    1. Dear Ally, while the initial idea behind GMOs might sound like a great chance to boost our agricultural production, we still believe that GMOs as we grow them at this moment are not safe.

      The reason is simple – nutrient cycles and processes in nature are extremely complex – so complex that we cannot possibly examine all effects of genetically modified organisms on the environment. For example, planting genetically modified crop affects not only us or livestock as direct consumers, but what about wildlife, insects, bacteria, or tiny soil organisms that process organic material?

      By artificially changing one plant’s genetic code, we might trigger a set of many irreversible reactions in the natural cycle.

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