May 5, 2016 Energy Written by Greentumble
Renewable Energy for the Developing World
Understandably, the people in the developing world

are seeking to have all of the same advantages and the benefits that the developed world has had for some time now. However, while those in the developing world absolutely deserve to have a good and healthy life where all of their needs are met, they will not have the same luxury of developing their communities and economies on fossil fuels that the developed world has had.

With natural resources already at their current limits, most of the ecosystems on Earth already in danger, and with looming global climate change threatening life as we know it, humanity must develop sustainable solutions as quickly as possible that provide for the needs of developing countries and do not threaten our planet. This is in addition to the fact that fossil fuels infrastructure is costly, a luxury that most developing nations simply do not have.

For many developing nations, what they lack in financial resources, they generally abound in natural resources, such as abundant sunshine. This presents an ideal opportunity for developing nations to capitalize on their abundant sunshine resources and turn it into solar powered developments and create electricity with a great potential to finally lift large populations out of poverty. In addition to solar energy, developing countries can take advantage of biogas, wind, and hydropower resources for producing sustainable energy.

However, while the opportunity is there to create an abundant and sustainable future for the developing countries around the world, the temptation will exist for many to fall into the same consumeristic behaviors as the developed West that are driving much of the environmental destruction that is occurring on our planet today. And, who could blame those in poverty for desiring all of the luxuries that the developed countries have enjoyed for so long? Unfortunately, our planet’s ecosystems will not withstand any further increase in its natural resource exploitation.


The role of developed nations

What is needed is for the developed countries to get their houses in order with the abundant financial resources that they have, and set an example of sustainable living that is in harmony with the environment and serve as an example for the entire human race to aspire to. While developing nations seek to find sustainable solutions that are easier on the planet and are cost-effective, developed nations must provide sustainable technical and financial assistance and knowledge to these developing countries while phasing out their own use of fossil fuels.

A charity from the U.K., Renewable World, is doing excellent work bringing renewable energy resources and infrastructure, knowledge, and skills to those who need it the most in the developing world. By bringing renewable energy projects to poor, isolated, and off-grid communities that have significant financial and geographical barriers to sustainable development, entire communities can be lifted out of poverty, and improve health, education, and create income generating opportunities.

Access to renewable energy empowers struggling people to improve their own communities as they work together with Renewable World and their partnering organizations.


With access to sustainably produced electricity

    • People no longer need to gather and burn wood and charcoal to heat their homes and cook food for their families, a threat to both ecosystems and human health. Clean lighting is now available for all of their household duties.

    • Clean and fresh groundwater pumping can be done right in their own community to each household instead of having to spend precious time and energy gathering water.

    • Children have time to devote to their studies in the evening, and adults can also take advantage of educational opportunities.

    • Community clinics have access to refrigerators that can store important items such as vaccines, HIV tests, and snake bite anti-venom.

    • All community members have an opportunity to participate in the development of the renewable energy projects and the development of their own community.

    • Women can start small businesses and sustainably support their families.


For more information on the excellent work that Renewable World is doing and the projects that they are involved with, be sure to check out their website,