The first step to help elephants and end ivory trade is to spread the word.
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Greed, corruption and ignorance is leading to the brutal destruction of Africa’s elephants at a rate not witnessed in the history of human civilisation. More than 129,000 elephants have been poached since the start of 2012.

The demand for ivory, combined with habitat loss from farming and infrastructural development, are decreasing the elephant population at unsustainable rates. If we don't act now this iconic species could be extinct from the wild by 2025.

At Greentumble, we believe that raising awareness for the elephants facing the risk of extinction should be a top priority around the world. Our awareness t-shirt campaigns play a critical role in our mission to support the protection of iconic animals such as elephants and bring greater awareness about the cruel wildlife crime that is happening all over the planet.

We encourage you to join us as we participate in this powerful awareness event. Grab an awareness t-shirt and spread the word to your family and friends, help us bring more attention to the threats facing the elephants. 





How long I have to wait until I can wear my awareness t-shirt?

It takes about 3-5 business days to create your t-shirt. Once it's ready, it will be sent your way and should arrive according to the shipping option you selected at checkout.

What happens with the funds gathered from this campaign?

The funds from this campaign will help us reach people that need to learn and understand the importance of nature and wildlife protection in our lives. Our goal is to make people take action to protect the forests around them and help save endangered species across the world. We need to start living with nature, instead of against it.

What is Greentumble?

The Greentumble community is formed by people from different parts of the world, with different backgrounds and goals, but with one common vision – living in a world, where nature and all living creatures are being respected and humanity fights for environmental protection rather than destruction. Only deep gratitude and careful observation of what nature has created, and how it works, will make up for a bright future of us all.