Solar Energy Pros and Cons – The Ultimate Guide

Solar energy pros and cons
  1. This does not fully show all the cons, one of the BIGGEST cons makes solar energy worse than other energy sources, due to this one reason, most solar energy companies abandon the solar panels which, I should state, are made out of heavy and toxic metals such as lead, which even in hunting, is illegal to use for hunting geese due to lead poisoning, once they abandon the solar panels, they will break down and ruin the soil around them and the life around them, the reason why they abandon the solar panels is because it is cheaper to make new solar panels and buy new land, than to repair them.

    point made, you can research it, I’m not going to say you should appose them, I’m just trying to give you all the facts.

    From-someone trying to tell y’all everything

  2. i live in uzbekistan far form he capital to tell the thruth it is a bit difficult for our hometown to supply with moderate electricity. When it comes to us it will be first thing i do to share with others and give a solution to their big issue

  3. Installing a solar power system on my off the grid cabin was the best decision I made this year. It’s very convenient, there’s plenty of sun around, it’s sustainable and there are no electricity costs from the utility company. It’s clearly the way to the future.

    Energy independence will transform the world as we know it. My next plan is to access some of the tax rebates or maybe some leasing option to install a 10 Kw solar system for my home. While talking with some friends that have already solar panels, I heard that the Feed in tariff scheme is really great.

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