April 29, 2016 Deforestation Written by Guest Contributor
The Alarming Truth Behind Deforestation
We all hear that the rainforests have to be saved

and that we are doing serious damage to them. But many people don’t know any more than that. And that’s not overly surprising as deforestation really doesn’t get as much media attention as it should.

We know that it’s happening, but we don’t all necessarily know why, how much damage has been caused already and how important the rainforests are for the planet and mankind as a species.

That is why Eco2Greetings decided to create this infographic, in order to illustrate clearly the current state of rainforests around the world, and why we need them – why they are so essential.

It is easy to forget about the damage being done daily to the planet but unfortunately that doesn’t stop it from happening. That’s why we need to confront the issues while we can do something about it.

The global rainforest area is decreasing rapidly for a number of reasons, largely cattle ranching and building – particularly in central and South America.

Take a look at the infographic to learn about current deforestation levels, causes of deforestation, deforestation facts and rainforest facts to find out how bad the problem is and what we can start doing to protect our rainforests, and our planet. #SaveTheTrees

Deforestation facts

This is a guest post written by Morgan Franklin.