The Greatest Contributors to Climate Change

The biggest contributors to climate change
  1. I would say – LOCAL MEAT – that doesn’t harm the environment but rather enhances it by increasing local soil health and by enmassing more calories per acre to feed local communities. Teaching people how to purchase local meat – is more cost effective (larger quantities, more animal for consumption, including bones and fat, and reduces health care costs b/c of increased nutrition and better overall health). Doesn’t mean we have to eat more meat – rather less! But much higher quality and variety of parts – bones, fat, organs, etc.


    1. Elimination of animal agriculture is necessary as it is the largest contributor of the destruction of arable land, fresh water waste, toxic water pollution, and environmental racism.

      Not only is it damaging it also contribute to preventable diseases such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.

      People live longer and better on a plant based diet. Local meat still provides environmental and physical destruction

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