The Negative Effects of Consumerism

The Negative Effects of Consumerism
    1. This process is already happening. Look at the USA. Buying food has become so cheap that it is fine to buy and eat a lot of it. But because the quality is often not very good, it is extremely unhealthy and often leads to obesity. This also means that companies often manipulate people to buy their stuff. The use of cheap and extremely unhealthy ingredients (often cheap, especially trans fats) to create a cheap but tasteful product. But because of the low quality of the actual product, it does not really quench your hunger for a long time so that you buy more after a short while because you are hungry again (and it doesn’t matter to you that much because it is cheap). This is why you consume large quantities of extremely unhealthy and fatty foods that make you obese. Do you understand why?

  1. Will the air pollution get better if consumers decrease? Please answer this question, thanks.

    1. Hi Chi,

      Yes, air pollution could potentially get better if each one of us decreased our demand for goods. It’s because less products would be manufactured and less natural resources would be used.

      This would also reduce the need for energy that is used during the mining, processing, production, transportation of products, food or anything else we are regularly using. And as you probably know, most of our energy comes from burning of fossil fuels, which emits lot of pollutants into the atmosphere.

      Hope this answers your question :).


    2. Not necessarily…consumers don’t really need to be decreased but…if we take a step towards helpful measures like planting trees, protecting trees, reducing use of vehicle,so on….the condition of air may get better….
      Hope my reply was helpful

      1. But let’s not forget that with increased consumer demand, comes the greater need for more land to meet the demand. Hence, leaving little land to plant trees and in a fast-paced era, one can only risk to avoid vehicle usage and getting fired from their jobs for getting late consecutively.

    3. none of this answers my question wich it “what are the four issues of compassionate conservatism?” If u could answer this question that would be amazing.

  2. I like your analysis however I can’t help but think you’re confusing consumerism with capitalism. Consumerism isn’t just about “consuming”, its about doing what’s best for the consumer. If given the chance, I believe most people are educated enough now to make a positive decision for both their and the worlds health. Capitalism has led to the rise of corporations that continually cut cost in order to meet larger expectations from investors and to line their own pockets. Many of these corps create their own demand, creating new markets with the “next big sell”. Government oversight is supposed to regulate corp greed, however many politicians are backed by corp parties. This leads to corps cutting costs (seen with BP oil spill, Purdue chickens, McDonalds, KFC, etc) to stay increase profits.

    1. They cut costs because Consumers want Cheap Products, They need to make profit and be able to produce Cheap products. Look around you, people go crazy for a bargain. Black Friday and Boxing Day is a classic example of this.
      Not all Capitalism is corporate Greed, there is small Businesses and Big Businesses that try to produce the quality over quantity. Tesla is an example.
      The alternative is to have the Government own all the capital and if you think they are corrupt now then they will be even more corrupt when they own all of the profits.

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