March 6, 2017 Biodiversity Written by Guest Contributor
Trees and the environment
Trees do such a wonderful job for us

and ask so little in return. One tree can keep a family of four breathing for an entire year. This is an amazing statistic and often we are not respectful enough of the job trees do for us. This infographic from Capital Garden Services explains all the little things trees can do for us.

In urban areas, particularly, the poor air quality can have a detrimental effect on our health. In many cities, you will not see any trees for miles and more effort needs to be made to scatter trees across cities. Even having a designated park where trees can flourish can help to keep the air quality of a city at a healthy level.

Trees are great at helping us to relax, they lower our heart rates, and reduce stress. Research has even shown that hospital patients who have a view of trees from their room spend 8% fewer days in hospital.

Trees can live extremely long lives and the oldest tree in the world is 9,558 years old. Imagine all the oxygen that tree has produced during its life.

Of course, trees also help produce some important products for us, so some of them do need to be cut down. The vital thing is that we’re smart about it and do it in a sustainable way. Products from trees include toothpaste, medicine, and a variety of vitamins. Find out more great info about trees in the infographic!



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The text is written by Eamon Fennelly.