For children, awareness of the effects of climate change can cause confusion, anxiety, and fear. This is the inspiration behind a new climate change children’s book.

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Progress: How Cities Are Building the New Sustainable Economy

The transition to a sustainable economy could well be won or lost in our cities. Cities create jobs, improve public health, boost tourism and attract the innovative industries.

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Exploring How and Why Trees Communicate to Each Other

Check out this great video where Professor Suzanne Simard explains more in detail about how trees in a forest are interdependent.

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Using leftovers to save the planet

Americans dispose off 40% of the food that is produced in the U.S. – while nearly 1 in 7…

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Thousands of Baby Crabs on the Legian Beach, Bali

Oceans are among the greatest mysteries on Earth. They flow across nearly 71 percent of our planet, and hold…

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The first scale model of the solar system

The scale of the solar system is truly mind blowing.

We’ve all seen pictures of our solar system with the…

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Zooming Into A Gigapixel Image Of Andromeda

When you look into the sky on a clear night, you can observe few thousand stars, but that view…

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