Strategies to reduce deforestation

Ending deforestation is the best chance we have to stabilize our climate, save wildlife species and protect our well-being. Adopt some of these strategies to help prevent the loss of more trees.

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Can Solar Energy Ever Replace Fossil Fuels?

The life-changing moment when solar energy will replace fossil fuels may be closer than we think.

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Malawian Farmers Fight Climate Change

Malawian Farmers Fight Climate Change Head On

Through conservation agriculture practices and the growing of drought resistant crops, local subsistence farmers are hoping to salvage something out of the climate change challenges.

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Effect of temperature on solar panel efficiency

Most of us would assume that stronger and hotter the sun is, the more electricity our solar panels will produce. But that’s not the case, because...

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Eucalyptus Under Pests Attack In Malawi

Exotic Tree Species under Pests Attack in Malawi

Millions of tree species like eucalyptus have been under attack from a pest, which is making trees lose their leaves and eventually dry up.

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How Many Solar Panels to Power a Home in 2018

The first step in finding out how many solar panels you need to power a house is to calculate the amount of electricity you use.

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Repairing Damaged Soil

Natural agricultural practices do leave rural areas susceptible to flooding. By taking these steps to properly drain, replenish and repair your soil, you can begin the process of replanting any damaged crops.

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Nkomo Sikenala Tree Nursery Story

There are no trees for most households in Malawi, yet everyone depends on trees for fuel wood. To encourage people to plant trees around their houses, Nkomo Sikenala is offering the tree seedlings of selected trees from his nursery...

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solar pack hiking

Top 5 Best Solar Powered Backpacks Available on Amazon in 2018

While solar powered backpacks are reliable and can do the job, they aren't the cheapest, and there are only a few choices when it comes to style, color or functions. Building your own solar backpack is a better option...

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Renogy holds the first spot in our list for the best 12 volt solar battery chargers for RV camping simply because they offer a remarkable combination of manufacturing quality, latest solar technology, power reliability, and affordability.

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